Memories are a major influence in my ceramic work. I communicate core and cherished memories, loaded with personal meaning using highly patterned surfaces. The power of prevailing pop-culture, social awareness and endemic social change of the 1960's, which I was born amidst, are also recurrent themes and a profound influence. Universal ease of access to mass social medial also plays an undeniable role in what I express. My patterns are a fundamental form of how I communicate emotion, time periods, and character, as I use pattern as an intimate visual language. Recurrent designs and use of color are characteristic of my work, in a natural way with updated variations that reflect changing times and my perspective on them. I would like to think that my work gives opportunity to people of all ages to relate, as they bring their own individual and collective references to bear. Process is also highly important to me. I construct much of my work using a paper resist technique which allows me to create a surface loaded with visual information. The stencils that I use for this process are entirely hand cut from recycled magazine paper. Equally important to me is to recycle all unused clay into slip for surface design or slip casting. At every stage of my process, it it important that I run my studio and operate with great care for our environment and it's treasured resources.